Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Week-12 My favorite food

My favorite food is a chicken dish. Especially I introduce three favorite chicken dishes. I like the best a fried chicken in the chicken dish. I liked a young time to the fried chicken. My mother makes a fried chicken on my birthday or the day of an auspicious occasion. The fried chicken which the mother made is very delicious. My good old home cooking is a fried chicken. Next, I liked to yakitori recently. I came to drink alcohol and liked to yakitori. Don't you think that yakitori and beer are congenial? I recommend it to you by all means. Last, I also like the white meat of a bird recently. The white meat of a bird is very useful for muscles. Because, I often do muscle training, I often eat white meat. Eat white meat, after you also do muscle training. Thus, I like a chicken dish very much.

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