Thursday, 24 November 2011

Yakult Swallows ~Shinya Miyamoto~

The third phase of the Yakult Swallows. Today, I introduce Shinya Miyamoto, the veteran of the Yakult Swallows.

Shinya Miyamoto is from Osaka and he is a 41 years old veteran player. His jersey number is 6 and he has attached the jersey number 6 since the time of joining. He participated in the game as a second baseman from 1995 of the rookie year. His splendid defense was accepted and he participated in all the games as a second baseman by Japan Series. He became to participate in a game as a shortstop from 1996, and he was fixed to the shortstop.

He won various prizes from the next year fixed to the no. 2 batter and the shortstop.

Golden Glove Award 8 times
The national record of the most sacrifice hits
MVP of the month etc.

And, he marked fielding percentage .997 of all the past highest.

He plays an active part in a professional baseball community in many cases also besides playing an active part in a team. First, He acted as the captain by the representative of Japan for the Athens Olympics baseball. He acted as the second baseman who usually does not protect and He large-played an active part with 50 percent of the team top batting average. Next, he worked the Japan Professional Baseball Players Association chairman for three years from 2005. Next, he was elected as the representative of WBC in 2006, and he acted as the captain also here. Japan won the victory in this convention, and they became the world's No.1. Finally, he acted as the captain also the representative of Japan for the Beijing Olympic Games baseball in 2008. Thus, he is playing an active part in the professional baseball community very much.

His play style has a very nice defense, as introduced first. He wins Golden Glove Award repeatedly. But, he is good also at batting. Even though he does not have power, sure batting strikes the nearly three batting average every year. Although he may be retirement soon, I want him to do my best at a best play to the last.

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