Friday, 25 November 2011

Yakult Swallows ~Masanori Ishikawa~

The 4th phase of the Yakult Swallows.

Today, I introduce Masanori Ishikawa, the southpaw ace of the Yakult Swallows. Masanori Ishikawa is from Akita and he is 31 years old. His height is the physique very short in stature in 167 cm. This height is new in a pitcher. His jersey number is No. 19. He joined Yakult by the free draft frame in 2001. He was not a player famous out of a draft.

But, he entered one team from the next year who joined an organization. He got a first victory by the first pro start. Then, he continued protecting starting rotation with the newcomer. He marked 12 victories and he won the Rookie of the Year award in the year. he also marked 12 victories in the 2003 of the next year and he won the JCB-MEP prize. He can leave a starter pitcher from 2004. For the right ace of Tateyama and the left ace of Ishikawa is called Yakult of pitchers.

His play style should make a batter out by a variegated breaking pitch. Although his speed of a pitched ball is slow, a slider, a screw, a cutter, a shot, a curve, change-up, etc. can pitch. Especially his slow curve is the highest. He named the curve the "Katsuo curve." And he is also called "the small giant" from the physique short in stature.

Although he is a small giant, he is a big giant as a player. I want him to do my best at this tune also from next year.

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