Monday, 16 January 2012

BR13- Green Island

"The next day the story of Green Island was in the newspaper. The children were excited."

I thought that I read "Green Island" and I wanted children for me to read this book. I think that this book is a very good book. The picture was legible and the quantity of the sentence was also moderate to making a child read. In addition, I think that this book was loaded with various messages. The environmental problem was taken up as one of them. A message like "not dumping the garbage into a mountain" has been transmitted. Others, a message like "if a good thing is done, collateral will come" was in this book. If I get a child and come to make a child study English, I will think that I want to make this book certainly read.

Hunt, Roderick. (2003). Green Island Oxford: Oxford University Press

(146 words)

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