Sunday, 15 January 2012

1/15 Today's Dinner☆

I went dinner to eat curry with my friends. I like curry very much and especially I like hot curry. I would like to put cheese on the topping of curry. Many my friends eat to curry, covering mayonnaise. I am abhorred in the way of eating. I have a prejudice in how to eat curry in this way.

I went to the curry store in the Nonaka town in Kumamoto on this night. The store was located in the Heisei town, when I was a child. I had gone to the store with my parents often. Because, I became to like curry very much. Especially the curry of the store was very delicious. My favorite was curried rice with a pork cutlet.

The store relocated to the Nonaka town recently. I had not changed the taste of the curry at that time, or I was worried. We arrived at the store and looked at the menu table. Menus are increasing in number from the time of my being a child, and the side menu, the topping, and the spicy level were also increasing. Of course, I ordered curry rice with a pork cutlet and middle spicy. My friend ordered hamburger curry. I waited for curry with butterflies in one's stomach. I ate the curry of one lot and thought that curry was very delicious. The taste of the curry at the time of a child had not changed. The cutlet also came out snappily and was delicious. But, Middle spicy was somewhat hot to me. Because I have hurt my throat today. I repented that usually should be eaten very good appetite. I would like to go again.

The name of the store is the "Indian Tei". Incidentally, middle spicy is 15 times standard hotter. You need to take care and please place an order.

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