Sunday, 15 January 2012

BR12- At the Park

"Chip went on the slide. Biff went on the horse. Kipper went on the swing. Mum went on the sea-saw."

I read "At the Park" and I thought that I was nostalgic. I had often gone to the dog in the park like this story. I like the walk of a dog very much.
This story, the Kipper family goes to a park together with a dog. But, The park had forbidden entry of a dog. Although the dog was kept waiting outside the park in this story, I was accompanied to any parks by the dog. I remember having played with the dog. That time of me was very pleasant. Recently, I have not been carrying out to the walk of the pet dog. I think that I will certainly go for the walk of a pet dog at the time of a rest.

Hunt,Roderick. (2008). At the Park Oxford:Oxford University Press

(152 words)

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