Monday, 16 January 2012

1/16 Today's lunch★

I went to lunch with my friend today. Because we were off duty in the 3rd class, we decided to go to lunch. Because our belly was decreasing very much, we decided that we would go to a table-d'hote store. Because we often went to Joyfull and McDonald's, those stores were dismissed. We worried about to what store goes very much. After 5 minutes, I remembered the table-d'hote store performed before. The table d'hote of the store is famous for a large serving at volume full marks.

When we arrived at the store, the parking area of the store was almost full. I thought too that this store was popular store. We had you put into a store somehow. Because this store had many menus, we were not able to choose easily. I decided on "two sorts of fried chicken tables d'hote." My friend decided on "table d'hote of a pork cutlet, chicken stew, and white-fleshed fish of the flied." He order to the large serving of rice.

He was surprised very much for cooking to come out. Because there was very much quantity of a table d'hote. We had eaten somehow. Next, when going, we did make the belly empty, we thought that we could not eat up.

The name of a store is "Donju-." Please go to the store.
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