Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Week-15 My favorite sweets

I like sweets very much. Especially I love sweet sweets. My favorite sweets are cakes. I like shortcake very much. The sweetness of a strawberry and whipped cream is very good. I liked young time to the shortcake. I attached whipped cream to the surroundings of a mouth, and I was often scolded by parents. Next, I like a chocolate cake. Because I like chocolate from the beginning. I like the taste in which a chocolate cake is lighter than too sweet a taste. The affinity of a chocolate cake and black coffee is the highest. I also like a cheesecake in recent days. Especially I like a gelatin cheesecake very much. I may be taking to the plain taste recently. I introduce my favorite cake stores. The first store is "Antorume Kaju" in Kengun. The shortcake and strawberry tart of this store are very delicious. Another store is "Shetani" in Ezu. The Baumkuchen of this store became souvenir ranking No.1 of Japan. Please go to stores.

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