Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Week-14 My favorite high school memories

The most important memories of my high school days are activity in a baseball club. I have been continuing baseball from the time of a schoolchild. But, I had experienced neither a victory nor a second place once to my high school days. The elementary school and the junior high school were small and weak teams. I had ranked third in my junior high school days in the small convention only once. In addition, we were 1 or 2 times game defeat. The baseball club of the high school was not so strong. We lost at the prefectural convention by the game 3 or 4 times. But, we caused the miracle in the last convention. We demonstrated the power more than former, We finished second in the prefectural convention and participated in the Kyushu convention. I was the gladdest in life then. We were able to finish second place also in the Kyushu convention. Now, I belong to the nonprofessional baseball team. I do my best so that we can participate in the nationwide competition.

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