Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Week-13 My favorite animal

My favorite animal is a dog. I keep the dog from the time of the third grader in an elementary school to the present. Dog species are mixed breeds of a midget Shiba and a husky dog, and the name of a dog is a "colon." Colon is a scalpel. She was got from the acquaintance at the time of one month after the birth. She had in the tail the illness in which hair does not grow. She was almost depressed and we were worried. But, while she went to the hospital, Colon became "Genki", and hair has grown also in the tail. Now, she is alive, without suffering also from big illness. Much hair has also grown in her tail. And, She is 80 years old by man's age. Nevertheless, she is running about as energy at the time of a walk. I love her. My family is loved in her. I want her to live long.

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