Monday, 19 December 2011

Essay5 Movie Review ~Romio+Juriet~

I watched "Romeo + Juliet", I thought that this movie was a masterpiece. Although this movie was arranged in the modern version in the original, words and the gist of the story were of course still originals. The famous scenes which promise love mutually in a back yard were still originals. The scene where Juliet who attached feather to the back appears first was very impressive. She was very lovely. But, I like original one better than the modern version. Although the modern version was fresh, the back side of this love story could not be expressed.

I watched at this original story in my introduction to English literature class. The background of this love story has the history of opposing both families and its dignity. The modern version did not have a peculiar atmosphere of Romeo and Juliet. I think that the original was able to express the point. But, the modern version also had good points.

First, the vision and atmosphere were impressive. Although this movie's words and the course of talk is the original, the stage is the modern age. Their everyday wear is aloha shirts, the party which tends to make noise, the inside of a church is colorful and the duel is in the beach, thus, the stage is the modern age. They say the words gravely written hundreds of years ago in this sight. I became to like this fresh gap.

Next, the movie adhered not only to words but to stage props. Although they had a sword in the original, they had a handgun in the modern version. I was surprised at such an idea. The Movie director is based also on such an idea and I think that the movie director did not make words modern languages. I think that the contents of the movie had changed if he made language the modern language.

Last, I felt very fresh the love story by the background was unfolded in the modern age. I think that the movie director would want to tell us this freshness.

Although I seldom counted on "Romeo and Juliet" of the modern version, I thought that such an arrangement was also good. I thought that Shakespeare who made a production which has the remake version made was a wonderful person even if time passes.

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