Monday, 5 December 2011

Essay4 Movie Review ~Camp Rock~

I watched the movie "Camp Rock" and I got energy and became motivated. I think that the person who saw this movie can get energy. Many music and dances are used in the story and vigor was on the movie. I was able to feel invigoration from the vigor. And, I felt that the last "School of Rock" was resembled for this movie in respect of the rock. The Final scene where they were pumped up for everybody was similar to that movie. Moreover, I think that it was the greatest points that much rock music was used for this movie. I think that this point gave force to the movie.

I have three points which are pleasing in this movie. First points, it is that "youth" was overflowing. I have much uneasiness towards job-hunting activities now. I worry about the job hunting activities every day. But, they were enjoying every day with a "dream" and "hope." Though they had a trouble of love and study, they were doing their best in order to do their favorite thing. I thought that I had to follow after the example of them. I got the message from them "Don't worry but move forward." I got energy from this. Next, Only good music was used for the movie. Though I seldom know about Rock of Western music, the music had tempo and a good music tone, and I also had listened to the music. Three songs which flowed in the last 15 minutes were the highest for me. “This is me” and “We Rock”, “Our Time Is Here”. I am pleased with these three songs. I was especially impressed by "We Rock" sung by all the members. This music also had the dance and "We Rock" was very powerful. After seeing the movie, I listened to music over and over again. Last, I was impressed the conversation with Mitchie and her mother. "It is not necessary to fake oneself because you have many good points." Her mother told Mitchie this word. I thought that this word was applied also to present me. I thought that this was great word.

This movie gave me energy very well. Although I was made to think, I think that was a movie which can be enjoyed with families. I think that I have few grown up , I was able to see a good movie.

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